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HIllrock Tutors has 14 years of ISEE/SSAT tutoring experience. We know exactly what your student needs to do in order to do their best on the ISEE/SSAT.

Frequently Asked Questions

When should my child start preparing for the ISEE/SSAT?

Students should start studying AT LEAST two months before their testing date.  Ideally, six months of prep will yield the best results.  But don’t panic if you feel like you’re starting late!  Hillrock Tutors will tailor a study plan that works for your child.

How much should my child study?

We recommend at least 45 minutes per day, every day!

How long are tutoring sessions?

ISEE tutoring sessions are anywhere between one and two hours.

What materials do we need?

Only two books: Hillrock Tutors uses specific publishers of ISEE/SSAT test prep books.  

What Level ISEE is my child taking?

The Lower Level is for applicants to grades 5 and 6, the Middle Level is for applicants to grades 7 and 8, and the Upper Level is for applicants for grades 9-12.

How is the ISEE scored?

The ISEE is scored using stanines which compare your child’s score to other students’ scores in the same grade.


Students are required to have all requested materials (previous quizzes, tests, notebooks, etc.) available.

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